A quick introduction to the CS:GO game

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is an amazingly popular FPS multiplayer game that has been around since late 2012. Available on a wide variety of platforms, it was the fourth in the Counter-Strike game range and was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment in tandem with Valve.

Inside the game, two different teams (Terrorists and Counter-terrorists) fight against each other. Mostly played in the competition tournaments, the role of each of the team is to win 16 of of 30.

Real CS:GO knives

As the game grew in popularity, real CS:GO knives began showing up on the market. Having nice skins in the game, gamers wanted also to have that same status symbol in real life.

Just as the game offers players a wide range of knives, so does the real world. The Karambit is considered by many to be the most popular option, with the Bayonet and M9 Bayonet coming quickly in line behind them.

The real ones you can buy from our shop are more for decorative purposes. Though you could use them, they usually a great way to show them off to your friends and family.

CS:GO knives are an essential part of popular culture today, with players around the globe inquiring them out. While there are lots of other charming knives on the market, none can replace the experience of having a simulation of the CS:GO game knife to hold in real life.

All of our knives are made of high-quality material and are easy to use. Treat yourself to something beautiful today by examining our selection of CS:GO knives. Have fun and good luck finding your favorite knife!

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Showing all 4 results