A short introduction to stickers

A sticker is a kind of label: a piece of printed paper, plastic, vinyl, or other material with pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. They can be used for design or functional purposes, depending on the circumstances.

Stickers can come in numerous various shapes and sizes and also range widely in color and design. They adhered to items such as lunchboxes, paper, lockers, notebooks, walls, cars, windows, keyboards, computers, headsets, and so on. Temporary name tags for instance are frequently stickers.

CS:GO stickers

Many of our CS:GO stickers are sun protective, waterproof, and made of high-quality PVC. Each pack contains 30, 50, or up to 100 stickers. The stickers are all related to gaming, especially to CS:GO. They range from the classic banana rush texts to more complex weapons styles and even pro teams. They are fun to play with and easy to apply on every surface. Good luck and have fun finding your sticker!

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Showing all 4 results