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We started in December 2017 as an online gaming platform offering in-game analysis stats and a detailed profile overview for CSGO players. Since then, we generated over 100.000 profiles and still counting.

Our primary goal is to connect regional players through our regional, country, and global ladder from where players can compare to each other based on real-time in-game statistics. It's quite simple, all you have to do is to provide your STEAM ID / Account ID and we present an overview of your CSGO profile.

Over the years besides optimizing our main gaming platform we also expanded our portfolio with other services or satellites as we usually prefer to call them, and it's worth mentioning here.


It's a unique web platform that helps users to edit their media files. There is no need to install extra software on your computer or use separate websites for image, audio, and video processing. Our product can crop images, cut mp3 audio tracks, and trim mp4 video files on the fly. The name is a word combination between "cropper" and "io" which stands for input and output.


It's a collection of car owners manuals for different makes and models. Visitors can browse and download over 4.000 thousand manuals from makes like Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan, and so on. With nearly 300 articles presenting a brief description of the model, common problems or complaints, competitors to consider is a good source of helping owners to buy a new car. The name stands for owners manuals, where man is the Linux shortcut command for manual.


It's an online clothing shop for men, women, and soon for pets as well. The main intention is to present a way for the buyer to match different body parts of clothes to create various outfits ideas for men and women. The idea is similar to the popular 90's dress-up games for girls. The name steems from the slogan "Infinite dressing possibilities", where the double "oo" stands for infinite and "dres" comes from to dress.